ASML EUV Systems – Commissioning Engineer – Trumpf Nederland BV – Veldhoven, Netherlands (01.10.2020-Present)

At the moment, I am working for Trumpf which is a world-wide leading company in more than one industries. I am now working in Laser Industry, commissioning Drive Lasers.

Waste Water Treatment Plants – Project Coordinator / Project Manager – Kontek Automation & Drives – Zugdidi&Poti, Georgia (15.12.2018-15.08.2020)

Capture from Zugdidi WWTP

In these projects, our client was the MEP contractor EMIT and we were their electrical package subcontractor with all aspects of the project.

Until I resigned from Kontek, we had reviewed the employer’s requirements and created specific material requirements. Design drawings were prepared by EMIT and we prepared detailed designs according to them. We prepared material approval documents and took approvals from the Austrian consultant. We had prepared our bill of quantities, procured our materials, and sent them to the worksite for Zugdidi. For Poti, we were waiting for the civil group’s (Pfeiffer) foundation works.

DSİ(Turkish State Hydraulic Works) Pump Station – Project Coordinator / Project Manager – Kontek Automation & Drives – Kyrenia, Cyprus (01.08.2018-13.07.2019)

Cyprus Pump Station of DSİ

I was assigned as Project Manager for the first time in my career. But since Kontek is a small-scale company I don’t only manage and coordinate the EPC processes but also be a part of it. This DSİ project is a mission-critical facility since this Pump Station will be the last point of the irrigation water supply.

What I did in this Pump Station project was that I reviewed client contract requirements, created specifications for every single material, supported design works and prepared BOQ studies according to design drawings. I procured all materials including spares, support site installation works, liaise with the client, state representatives, other contractors, and subcontractors.

The system was fully commissioned with Fuji engineers on-site and handed over to state representatives(09.06.19-12.07.19).

Calcium Carbonate Mine Processing Facility – Site Electrical Engineer – Kontek Automation & Drives – Esfahan, Iran (15.10.2017 – 31.07.2018)

OMYA Calcium Carbonate Processing Facility – Meymeh, Iran

I agreed on a contract with Kontek after 2 Skype interviews and I signed the contract with them. I joined them at 15.10.2017 and I went to Iran site on 06.11.2017. It was only 20 days for me when they became sure to send me to the site. It was a rapid move but I was ready for the challenge.

Kontek was an electrical contractor of that facility. It was my first time to officially undertake all installation responsibility and go to Iran. It was not a completely different culture from Turkish culture but of course, it had its difficulties. The important part that I was proud of myself was that I learned Persian within 3 months enough to bargain with local sellers and to manage local sub-contractor.

I had so many difficulties in that project because of uncompleted designs and insufficient ordered materials. I found all of them in the local market according to our needs. I changed not applicable designs, ordered missing materials, led site installations and installed them myself when I couldn’t describe clearly.

I supported Omya AG staff in the commissioning stage. I even supported them 2 months when they started their operation. I did whatever I could do and I was proud of my first management experience. With the finish of this project, I was given the Project Manager position for the upcoming projects.

Turkmenbashi International Seaport – Electrical Project Engineer – GAP Construction – Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan (21.10.2016 – 01.10.2017)

Turkmenbashi International Seaport Picture-1
Turkmenbashi International Seaport Picture-2

GAP Construction decided to hire me after a Skype interview and I joined them in October 2016. My position was an electrical project engineer and I was overseeing whole Turkmenbashi International Port Project when our site engineers are only responsible for their own parts.

I was getting 80-120 emails per day regarding design, QA/QC, client comments, and some other follow-up works. That numbers are just to show my workload since only even replying to them requires time. In that Project, I was working as an information database of the electrical part of the Project. I was giving the instructions to site responsibles in order to have the same installation quality on all sites.

When I assigned for the position, I detected that designs were not completed(even power SLD), detailed designs were therefore not completed and materials were not ordered yet. The problem was that we only had 14 months to complete the project and it was a 200M $ Electrical package to install. We worked really hard with my Project manager and also shifted some office employees of GAP Construction to enlarge the team. Within 4 months designs were approved and materials were ordered. After that, Project got in line with good planning and we have reached our prior milestones.

In that Project, we had different lots like a shipyard(Lot-1), container port(Lot-3), passenger port(Lot-2), etc. I had an experience in 110KV overhead line, GIS substation, railway signalization, and terminal operation systems. We installed more than 300 switchgears and 40 transformers on that site.

When site installations are about to finish, I started to look for a new position in my leisure time since it is now the commissioning team to come and finish the project and I encountered Kon-tek’s job opening and agreed on terms.

PETKIM Container Port Construction – Electrical Engineer – ES Group – Izmir, Turkey (15.06.2014 – 15.10.2016)

PETKIM Container Port – Izmir, Turkey

ES Group decided to hire me after we interviewed and I joined them only 15 days after I finished my military service. When we were negotiating, I was only asked to bring English and CAD software knowledge. Therefore, I had more than enough to fill the position. As a note, ES Group was a unit-priced contractor of all port installations(inc. civil, mechanical, and electrical works) except 3 buildings.

When I first joined the company, my project manager assigned me to study all site application projects and it took only 3 months for me to catch up with existing staff. Due to my advanced English knowledge, I was asked to attend all meetings with the owner of the port PETKIM, English consultant CGR and Dutch future operator APM Terminals and that accelerated the learning process. The more I attended these meetings, the more I learned.

6 months after I was hired, when I was just 6 months experienced in electrical engineering, all the parties accepted me as an agreeable contact and I attended some of the meetings just by myself. This is one of my proudest achievements.

After I had a comprehensive knowledge of the project, I reviewed and commented on designs that were created by an outside design firm. I revised them wherever it is needed. Because I was assigned to take the material and design approvals.

Since I was an inexperienced and young engineer, I tried to get as much duty as I could get to improve myself rapidly. That is why I will be writing various duties here. For example, I was also controlling and preparing submittals. I was the last point to check mistakes, prepare hard and soft copies, and apply QA/QC procedures.

I should admit that document and design check duties made me understand the project more than anyone. When my project manager realized that, he also gave me a duty to check site installations. My duty was to check all installations including civil, mechanical installations that affect electrical installations. I can say that I was the one who completed the whole electrical infrastructure design.

As time progressed and site installations were in order, I was assigned for QA/QC duties of the site. Because there were NCR documents that we needed to close before provisional acceptance. I took full responsibility and coordinated all site staff. Finally, there were only 4 NCRs that were related to the materials itself.

As secondary works, I was participating in the Star Refinery Interconnection Pipeline project as an electrical QA/QC engineer. I was also supporting the company in their studies of tenders.

To mention the end of the project, my project manager was transferred to a port complex project in Turkmenistan. After that, he gave my resume to the company and made them transfer me there to continue our work relationship. I remember I was so proud of his appreciation for my work.


Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Karadeniz Technical University – Trabzon, Turkey (240 ECTS, Accredited European Programme) | 2009 – 2013
Courses & Training
  • Managing the Company of the Future, May 2020
  • Industrial IoT on Google Cloud Platform, May 2020
  • How to Write a Resume, May 2020
  • Data Science Math Skills, May 2020
  • Converting Challenges Into Opportunities, May 2020
  • Code Yourself! An introduction to Programming, May 2020
  • EMC, Harmonics, filtering and compensation calculations course, March 2019
  • First-aid course, October 2018
  • Fire detection and alarm systems course, August 2018
  • IOSH – Managing Safely course, June 2017
  • H.V. systems responsibility course, May 2016
  • Building management systems supervision and reporting course, April 2016
  • Primavera P6 software – advanced project management course, February 2016
  • English Course – Turkish/American Association, 2007 – 2008(Full 2 Years)